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The Unmatched Versatility & Security of iOmounts®

As someone who’s always on the move, you rely on a sturdy phone mount that can keep up with your lifestyle. But what truly sets a mount apart from the rest? Here, we take a closer look at why iOmounts® stands out as the go-to phone holder for those who value durability, functionality, and seamless usability no matter where life takes them. 

What Makes a Mount Secure?

A top-notch phone mount needs to keep your device locked in place through all the bumps, turns, and vibrations life may throw at it. And it should do all that without sacrificing accessibility. To pull this off, the mount needs to ace a few key areas: grip strength (to your phone and wherever you place it), durability, adaptability to various environments, and the ease with which you can detach the device as needed.

The Exceptional Security of iOmounts®

While many mounts on the market make promises of stability and ease of use, they often fall short when tested by the rattles and shakes of everyday use. iOmounts is a different story. Combining a sleek design with robust grip strength, iOmounts goes beyond what you’d expect from your typical phone mount. 

These mounting systems stand out thanks to the powerful magnetic at the heart of their design. Coupled with the iOdisc, a razor-thin (0.025") steel adaptor affixed to your device, the magnet creates an ultra-strong bond that keeps the device securely in place. Plus, high-quality magnets can take decades — even centuries — to lose just a small amount of their strength, which can’t usually be said for standard mechanical grips. 

The iOmounts® magnetic technology not only secures the device firmly in place but also allows for effortless detachment and attachment. Unlike mounts that require adjusting clamps or holders, the magnetic connection allows you to easily snap your device in place or pull it away as needed without fiddling with your setup. This ease of use doesn't compromise your phone's components; the magnetic bond is strong enough to hold the device firm, yet it is perfectly safe for its electronic parts.

Creative Uses for Your iOmounts®

The iOmounts system isn't just for keeping your tunes on loop or your maps in view while you ride. Here are some of our favorite ways iOmounts can be integrated into other activities.

In the store: Running a motorcycle shop, electronics store, or tattoo studio? The iOstandXT® is perfect for showing off products or playing videos for customers. Plus, it's sturdy enough for busy areas, keeping things smooth at product displays or checkout counters. 

During rallies and events: Secure your smartphone to your motorcycle mount during your next rally. Enjoy hands-free video recording that lets you capture every moment without missing out on the action.

Fixing things on the road: Got a quick fix to make on your bike? Simply stick your phone to your pre-installed mount or whip out your iOwik to hold your digital manuals or repair videos right where you need them. No need to juggle between tools and your phone. 

Backyard barbecuing: iOmounts are the perfect outdoor cooking companion. Set up iOstand® and watch your favorite cooking videos, stream some tunes, or keep a video chat going as you grill. Plus, it's easy to keep your device clean and out of the way from any messy splatters.  

On the water: Whether you're navigating the open waters or enjoying a leisurely day of fishing, the nomad™ Universal Phone Mount can securely hold your device in place, providing easy access to navigation apps, weather updates, or entertainment while you're out on the water.

Cooking in the kitchen: Need a sous chef? The iOmounts can be your kitchen assistant, holding your smartphone or tablet at the perfect angle for following recipes, watching cooking tutorials, or listening to music while you cook up a storm. 

What Real Users Have to Say

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A Mount for Any Moment

Whether you're working, riding, or just living life, Klock Werks iOmounts are there to secure your devices and make every moment a bit easier. They're not just mounts; they're the perfect sidekick for your mobile life. Check out the full collection today and find the perfect iOmounts for your everyday adventures.