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Where Passion and Fuel Mix

Klock Werks exists where passion and fuel mix. That’s who we really are. We are passionate about family, faith, and motorsports- basically anything that burns gas.

Our passion to exceed customer expectations with a commitment to respect, honesty, and teamwork has brought us from our start in 1997 to today (Read about our 20th Anniversary HERE). We’ve built crazy choppers, big wheel baggers, the Hobo, the Cherry Bomb, and the World’s Fastest Bagger. Klock Werks has led, joined, and honored trends in our growth to become a company that creates parts to add timeless style.

Klock Werks took a leap from garage builders to a nationally and internationally recognized innovator of powersports products after winning the 2006 Discovery Channel Biker Build Off with the World’s Fastest Bagger. The Flare™ Windshield, a product that has revolutionized the air management industry, was born on the Bonneville Salt Flats, where Laura Klock and daughters Erika and Karlee made history setting land-speed records.

The core of Klock Werks is creating the best quality parts that fit, function, and look great. We want to help you find the right solution, windshield, height, tint, profile all the little details that achieve the right look for you. For us, it’s all about people helping people and doing everything we can to make sure you have the best day, the best ride, the best experience, and the best-looking bike that makes you proud of what you built and who you are. It truly matters to us.


We are a small, core group with a big family atmosphere located in rural South Dakota. Community and camaraderie are integral to our team that is made up of mothers, fathers, farmers, record holders, cooks, writers, designers, cowboys, mechanics, and bike enthusiasts. We meet every morning to talk about the week, the day, family, a build we are working on, a new part that excites us, or a customer that brought a smile to our face or challenged us. On a daily basis, we are all a part of the success of the company, and because we are close, we have the ability to ebb and flow.

Ultimately, Klock Werks is a little company with big dreams in a town of just over 15,000 that bats way bigger because we play with all the passion we have. Every single time, we bring everything we’ve got.

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