iOmounts® Phone Mounts

A simple, secure, universal and magnetic phone mounting system

Take a call hands-free, secure your phone while riding the trails, or just keep your phone close no matter where you are.

With multiple magnetic mounts and location styles to choose from, it's possible to connect seamlessly to all iOmounts® products in nearly any location!

How do our magnetic phone mounts work

It's as simple as this:

If installation is necessary, install the phone mount in it's designed location with the included hardware.

Center the iOdisc™ on your case, apply firm pressure and let cure.

Once the iOdisc™ has cured for 24 hours, your device is ready to be attached to any iOmount®!


Short answer:
ANY device.

Long Answer:
Some phone mounts work better with certain devices in certain situations.

iOstands™: Works best for full-size tablets like the iPad Air, iPad Pro or Samsung Galaxy Tab, but is compatible with any device with a SSD hard-drive (most modern tablets and smartphones).

iOmini™ stands: Works best for small tablets and e-readers, like the iPad Mini, Nexus 7 or Kindle, and smartphones like the iPhone or HTC One.

Model-specific, nomad™ or nomadXL phone mounts: We do not recommend using full-size tablets or other larger devices on these mounts. They are intended for phones, GPS, and other smaller devices only.

No, do not worry! The magnets will not damage your phone or tablet.

The magnets are contained within the iOcore™ assembly found on the phone mount semisphere.

The iOdisc™ that attaches to your phone is actually a razor-thin, steel adaptor that allows the magnetic connection in our magnetic phone mounting system.

Yes! Enjoy your ride knowing that these magnetic phone mounts truly are strong enough to withstand the pressure of high speeds when riding.

Our motorcycle and off-road mounts come with an iOcore™ that is an extra strong magnet with brute strength.

That said, we get it - phones and devices are expensive - that's why we've included a phone tether with these mounts that can be added to your case for an extra level of security.

For best results, Klock Werks recommends the use of a smooth plastic, non-silicone case.

While a very strong 3M VHB adhesive is used, The iOdisc™ will not stick to silicone, highly textured surfaces, and many soft cases.

Absolutely not! Any magnetic mount can be used with any device as long as an iOdisc™ is adhered. The iOmounts® magnetic phone mounting system is forward compatible. Meaning - if you upgrade to a new phone or GPS, you don't have to buy a new mounting system!

It's always a good idea to keep a couple of extra iOdiscs on hand!

We believe iOmounts® magnetic phone mounts are the best on the planet and we want you to as well.

Have questions or hesitations? Reach out - we'd love to hear from you! You can contact us through our Live Chat (blue question mark in the corner of this screen), email or call us at (605) 996-3700. We will be happy to assist you.