Milestones in Metal: A "Benchmark" for Motorcycle Fenders

Milestones in Metal: A "Benchmark" for Motorcycle Fenders

In 2003, the Klock Werks Krew dove into customization and fabrication aimed at touring models, a territory largely unexplored at the time. Brian Klock, Dan Cheeseman, Chris Weber, Tim Wagner, and James Mayer conceived a bold idea for their next custom project: to infuse the touring bike with the edgy flair of a pro-street style build. Drawing inspiration from their experience customizing pro-street bikes such as Softails, FXRs, and Sportsters, they set out to transform a full-sized bagger.

Shortly thereafter, Greg Wick, who played a pivotal role in shaping the final design of the "Benchmark Bagger", shared the same vision with the Krew – to create a fully customized touring bike.

 We extend our deepest gratitude to Greg and Sandy Wick for their consistent support of Klock Werks over the years #MotoFam

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The undertaking was extensive. Virtually every component of the Benchmark Bagger was either crafted from scratch or extensively modified by the Krew. In an era before the convenience of online part ordering, the team dedicated long hours to fabricating components such as the front fender, rear fender, saddlebags, filler panels, gas tank, full exhaust system, and dash. Additionally, the frame underwent meticulous smoothing and modification.

"Before investing in stamping tooling for our fenders and other sheet metal parts, we had to painstakingly shape and fabricate them by hand," recalled Cheeseman. "That was our daily routine – shaping, welding, and refining." 

Brian and the Krew frequently encountered questions about the potential sale of the parts while traveling with this bike. Initially hesitant, Brian began to wonder why not?! This build, along with several others from that era, paved the way for numerous parts that still thrive at Klock Werks today, some 20 years later.

One standout component of this build was the iconic Benchmark Front and Rear Fenders, which have been pivotal in the expansion of Klock Werks' fender line. These Benchmark fenders marked the shop's first foray into fender creation and sales.

Brian and the team were determined to make a strong entrance into the fender world, leading them to craft the initial Benchmark fenders from 14-gauge steel using precise, deep-draw stamping technology. This method ensured a consistently smooth and flawless finish, with the aim of minimizing the need for additional bodywork for customers. 

 2013 Street Glide "Purple Haze" with Benchmark Fenders - Owner Greg Wick

To further enhance durability, an electro-static coating (e-coat) is applied to also minimize bodywork and resist rust and corrosion. Combined with precise fitment for direct bolt-on installation, these fenders have garnered widespread popularity and earned a reputation for their exceptional quality and strength. 

Two decades later, Klock Werks now offers an impressive lineup of fenders, each meticulously tailored to fit various models and cater to your unique style. Klock Werks is all about pushing the boundaries of fender design, offering sizes that range from stock to extended lengths of 6 and 9 inches, so you can rock any tire size you want. Plus, we’ve expanded our game with Vicla style fenders, giving you even more options to make your ride stand out. 

"We make it quality, you make it Kustom!" 

As the shop reflects on the journey that began in 2003 with the ambitious vision of transforming touring bikes into sleek, edgy machines, it's remarkable to see how far they’ve come. What started as a bold experiment by Brian Klock, Dan Cheeseman, Chris Weber, Tim Wagner, and James Mayer has evolved into a legacy of innovation and excellence at Klock Werks.