From Midwest to Mainstream: Klock Werks Dives into Vicla Culture

From Midwest to Mainstream: Klock Werks Dives into Vicla Culture

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We're all aware that the Midwest tends to lag behind when it comes to catching onto trends or crazes, but when we do catch up, we go all in! Klock Werks is finally jumping on the Vicla trend, and we couldn't be more thrilled about it. But before diving into that, let's clarify what exactly a “Vicla” is.

The Vicla phenomenon originates from Southern California, blending Chicano culture with traditional Mexican-American lowrider styles and the raw power of all-American V-twin muscle. Despite differing viewpoints, there's unanimous agreement that "Vicla" stems from Spanish slang for "bicycle." Amidst this lively scene, clarity reigns, pulsating with energy and cultural richness.

Viclas entail extensive modifications to standard motorcycles to align with the rider's desired aesthetics and functionality. This can involve exhaust pipes, extending or stretching fenders, handlebars, and more, breathing new life into the motorcycle and transforming it into a Vicla.

Harley Davidson models often serve as the foundation for most Vicla transformations. Road Kings, Heritages, and Fat Boys are among the favored models for Vicla customization. However, a Vicla represents more than just a customized motorcycle. While it certainly stands out from a stock Harley, Decorated with vivid paint jobs, phenomenal airbrush designs, engraved and custom chrome parts and more carries significant symbolism for the motorcycle and its rider!

The admiration for Vicla-style motorcycles extends far beyond the Chicano community, resonating deeply with non-Chicano riders as well. Anyone versed in motorcycles can appreciate the dedication and effort poured into these two-wheeled masterpieces. The fusion of Chicano, Cholo, and motorcycle culture has garnered a broader audience in recent years, thanks to popular tv shows, social media and Vicla styled bike shows around the world!

Today's generation of Viclas riders values the craftsmanship, uniqueness, and heritage of this motorcycle style while remaining humble, authentic, and embracing their true selves as they ride with the wind. Viclas, deeply rooted in Mexican American and Chicano influences, transcend any singular person or culture. Ultimately, Viclas represent rolling art, celebrations of individuality and passion for the hard work and creativity of the one-of-a-kind creations. 

Klock Werks stepped onto the Vicla scene non-intentionally in 2017. At the time the Klock Werks Krew had been putting a 2004 Harley-Davidson Softail together to be a rolling parts display bike. Word got out to a good friend of Klock Werks, Jeremy Seanor of Lucky Strike Designs, and he was very persistent to Brian and the Krew to let him paint it.  The intention of this bike wasn't to be super flashy, it was designed to go to shows and sell parts, but Jeremy was relentless, wanting to get his hands on the sheet metal and paint it. Brian finally gave in and the parts were taken off and sent to Jeremy. 

As we received progress pictures, concerns arose that the remaining components might not harmonize with Jeremy's exquisite painting, given the beauty he was crafting. Consequently, the team stripped the bike of all other parts, sending the motor for diamond cutting and procuring additional components from Brian's collection and industry connections. Brian had to shift his focus from his rolling display bike to his inaugural show quality Vicla build.

Following this transition, the Krew united their efforts to truly transform the bike from a mere rolling display into a masterpiece of rideable art! The bike was given a range of enhancements, including Klock Werks 19” Chrome Klip Hanger bars with Paul Yaffe Originals grips, a Klock Werks Center Riser phone mount, Klock Werks Front and Rear Benchmark Fenders, Fueling Cams, Covington Customs floorboards, Cobra Exhaust, a Blanket Roll by Tony Sportelli, Metzler 75th anniversary orange wall tires, Chrome Hardware kit, and the exceptional paint job by Jeremy Seanor of Lucky Strike Designs, which earned it the moniker "Pumpkin Spice." 

Upon showcasing only the painted parts, the bike secured an invitation to the prestigious SEMA show. To meet the standards of Lucky Strike Designs' paintwork and the SEMA audience, the team worked diligently to elevate the used Softail into a bike worthy of admiration. The "Pumpkin Spice" Vicla made its debut at the SEMA show on Halloween in 2017, representing PPG Paints in Las Vegas.

After the SEMA show, the Klock Werks team recognized the Vicla community as a market deserving of their respect and attention. They actively sought out Vicla-based events, connecting with remarkable individuals in the process. This inspired them to embark on a journey to craft not only a handful of Viclas but also to develop a line of parts tailored to meet the needs of the Vicla family.

It’s much less expensive to craft an extended fiberglass fender, Klock Werks however has built its reputation on real American stamped steel with strength and quality. “ The steel will not tend to shake or crack over time, thus protecting the bike and its amazing paint job the Vicla bikes are famous for,” commented Brian Klock.

With Vanessa claiming the Pumpkin Spice build, Brian quickly transformed a 2014 Indian Chieftain Classic into a beautiful blue masterpiece. This build known as “Hinto” was based on the Springfield Blue inaugural launch color. This bike received Klock Werks adjustable 19” Klip Hangers bars and the new Klassic 21” front fender.  

Our entry into the world of Viclas wasn't a strategic decision, but rather an organic fusion of passion and determination, drawn by the rich tapestry of Chicano heritage and motorcycle craftsmanship. What started as a rolling display project blossomed into a transformative journey of collaboration and artistry, epitomized by the unveiling of the "Pumpkin Spice" Vicla at SEMA. Along this path, we encountered a thriving community united by a mutual appreciation for authenticity and creativity. As we navigate the world of Viclas, we're eager to continue innovating with new, strong, and audacious parts designed for the Vicla community, all while upholding our commitment to honoring Vicla heritage. Welcome to the Klock Werks Vicla experience and parts line—a journey fueled by passion and tradition.