Riding Redefined: The Best Motorcycle Windshields

Riding Redefined: The Best Motorcycle Windshields

Ever felt like the wind was your biggest adversary on the road? Meet the Flare™ Windshield, a game-changer in riding comfort and performance. With its innovative design and durable materials, the Flare™ cuts through and redirects wind for a smoother, more enjoyable ride (without compromising on style). Say goodbye to the battle against wind noise and discomfort, and hello to the joy of the open road. 

Why Riders Prefer Flare™ Windshields

What sets Flare™ Windshields apart isn't just their hardy, DOT-approved polycarbonate build, offering high impact resistance and durability compared to traditional acrylic. It's their meticulously engineered "hips" and "flip" that enhance stability and deliver smoother air right where you need it. Add to that a innovative design that adds extra flair to any bike (pun intended), and you've got a ride that's as visually appealing as it is comfortable and air-efficient.

How the Flare™ Improves Every Ride

Reduces Rider Fatigue

Klock Werks Best Motorcycle Windshield

Battling wind buffeting can turn what should be a relaxing ride into an exhausting ordeal. The relentless barrage of wind against you and your motorcycle can reduce riding efficiency, strain your muscles, and lead to fatigue, making long journeys less enjoyable and potentially more dangerous not only for you but also your passenger. While we focus a lot on the main controller of the machine, the Flare™ also helps the passenger out as well.  

The Flare™ Fix: The Flare's signature "flip" kicks back a stream of clean air, minimizing the onslaught of turbulent wind against your body and ride. This means you can savor the journey without any unnecessary fatigue, stay more focused on the road, and enjoy your rides to the fullest, even on the longest journeys.

Keeps You Steady at High Speeds

Klock Werks Best Motorcycle Windshield

High-speed rides should feel exhilarating, not like you're trying to wrangle your motorcycle. Wind force at high velocities can challenge even the most experienced riders, introducing instability and dampening the thrill of speed.

The Flare™ Fix: The Flare's hips and flip harmonize with the wind, rather than fight it. The Flare's "hips" alleviate wind pressure on the rider and introduce a downforce to the front of the bike, counteracting the lifting effect that high-speed wind can cause. Riders can confidently enjoy the thrill of the ride knowing the Flare™ is helping to keep their motorcycle steady and easier to handle.

Creates a Quieter, Smoother Ride

Klock Werks Best Motorcycle Windshield

Wind turbulence makes it hard to hear your audio system, hearing your passenger, finding comfort in your half helmet and more, detracting from the pleasure of the ride. What's more, if you rely on sunglasses for eye protection, you know all too well the annoyance of eyewear being thrown to the wind by a gust of rough air. 

The Flare™ Fix: The Flare's "flip" feature cuts through the wind, giving you a stream of "cleaner" air. This means less noise messing with your ride, clearer tunes from your speakers, more comfort and no more worrying about your sunglasses taking off. With the Flare™, there's less wind hassle and more enjoying the road ahead. 

Finding the Right Fit

Klock Werks Best Motorcycle Windshield

We know that one size doesn't fit all, which is why we've got Flare™ Windshields to match a wide variety of motorcycles, from Indian® and Honda® to Harley-Davidson®. But it's not all about fitting your bike's model; it's crucial to match the windshield to your line of sight for the best experience. 

To find your ideal Flare™ height, sit in your normal riding position and have a friend measure vertically from the center of your stock shield to your line of sight. Choose a Flare™ with a height slightly below this line so you're looking over, not through the windshield. 

Remember, while simply matching the windshield to your line of sight is an effective way to gauge compatibility, it can't replicate the real riding experience. That's why we suggest testing your Flare™ Windshield before making your final decision.

See the Flare™ Difference Yourself

Experience the Flare™ difference firsthand with our Demo Program. We've partnered with dealers globally to offer riders a no-cost, no-obligation opportunity to test the Flare™ Windshield on their own bikes. It's the perfect way to ensure the Flare™ Windshield you choose is the right fit for your motorcycle and riding style. 

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Find your perfect Flare™ Windshield today and make wind turbulence a thing of the past. Got questions about selecting or installing your Flare? Our experts are ready and eager to help.