Press Release - Klock Werks Acquire Wedge Fairing Brand

Press Release - Klock Werks Acquire Wedge Fairing Brand

Mitchell, South Dakota – 3/12/2024 – Klock Werks proudly announces its acquisition of the Wedge Fairing Brand following the recent passing of its esteemed owner, Bill Blackmore.  

Klock Werks, known for its commitment to being air management experts, is excited to add the Wedge Fairing to its lineup. With its signature Flare™ Windshield already acclaimed for its ability to provide riders with a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience, Klock Werks recognizes the synergies between its existing product line and the Wedge Fairing. 

Bill Blackmore, a visionary in the motorcycle community, was the driving force behind the revolutionary Wedge Fairing Kit. Blackmore left behind a legacy of excellence and ingenuity that has greatly impacted mid-sized bike riders worldwide. Prior to Bill Blackmore's passing, Klock Werks had collaborated with him to develop a Flare™ Windshield specifically designed for the Wedge Fairing. This collaboration fostered a strong connection between the Klock Werks team and Bill, laying the foundation for a seamless transition following his passing. 

The Wedge Fairing Kit is celebrated for offering the advantages that only a frame-mounted fairing can provide: a more stable ride, enhanced wind protection, convenient storage, modern headlight choice and audio selections, all pre-assembled and ready to install. This unique and high-quality combination of features has made the Wedge Fairing a favorite among riders seeking optimal performance and comfort.  

"In light of Bill Blackmore's passing in November of 2023, we at Klock Werks felt compelled to ensure that the Wedge Fairing brand continues to thrive," said Brian Klock, Founder and President of Klock Werks. "Our collaboration with Bill and his team, as well as our shared commitment to innovation and rider satisfaction, made this decision a natural progression for us. We are honored to carry forward the Wedge Fairing brand and pay tribute to his legacy." 

Klock Werks The Wedge Fairing

Klock Werks is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction as it assumes responsibility for the Wedge Fairing brand. The company looks forward to providing riders with the same level of excellence and innovation they have come to expect from both Klock Werks and the Wedge Fairing. 

With this acquisition, Klock Werks is now the go-to source for all Wedge Fairing products and customer support. For any inquiries or customer service needs, please contact Klock Werks at or call (605) 996-3700. The team is dedicated to providing top-notch service and ensuring a smooth transition for all Wedge Fairing customers. They look forward to serving you and continuing to provide the high-quality products and support you've come to expect.

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