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Riding in Style & Comfort: BMW® Motorcycle Windshields

BMW Motorcycle Windshields: Enhance Every Rider

As the adage goes, "It's about the journey, not the destination." And touring riders, especially those cruising on prestigious models like the BMW® K 1600 and R 1250 RT, understand that the right equipment can turn a good journey into a great one. That's where the Flare™ Windshield comes in, blending design and functionality for the ultimate riding experience. 

Maximize Every Ride

Touring motorcycles are crafted for the long road, for those who see life through the visor of their helmets. They're about comfort, stability, and enjoying the panorama of the road winding ahead. The BMW® K 1600 and R 1250 RT are not just bikes; they're companions for those long journeys. But even the best trips can be marred by wind and turbulence, which is precisely where the Flare™ makes its mark. Wherever the road takes you, the Flare™ is there to give you unbeatable comfort and protection. 

BMW R1250 RT BMW K1600

Cross-country treks: The Flare™ Windshield reduces fatigue on long stretches, making every mile smoother.

Coastal cruising: It deflects salty sea air, ensuring clear vision along scenic shores.

City exploring: It offers protection from urban turbulence and debris, making city rides safer and more serene. 

Mountain climbing: Improved stability from the windshield aids in navigating winding mountain roads. 

Flare™ Windshields: A Synonym for Comfort & Efficiency

How does the Flare™ enhance every journey? Its patented air-management technology, perfected through real testing on the salt and the streets, brings a level of innovation not seen before. It features "hips" at the shield's outer edge to reroute air, adding downforce and stability. The "flip" at the top sends cleaner, smoother air to the rider. This means less fatigue, more comfort, and longer, more enjoyable journeys. 

Speaking of more enjoyable journeys, the Flare™ improves your audio quality, too. By rerouting the air, it reduces wind noise and allows for better audio output from your speakers. It’s almost like getting a sound system upgrade along with your windshield — a double win for your riding experience!

Aesthetic Meets Function

But Flare™ Windshields don't just perform well; they look good doing it. Their sleek design complements the sophisticated lines of the BMW models and blends seamlessly with your bike's overall aesthetics. And you can trust them to last through countless rides and adventures. The windshields are made of durable Lexan polycarbonate with FMR hard coating, ensuring they withstand the test of time and travel.

The Lifestyle of a Touring Rider

Touring is more than just riding. It's a lifestyle. It's about embracing the freedom of the open road, the camaraderie among fellow riders, and the thrill of new discoveries. With Flare™ Windshields, riders can indulge in this lifestyle with an added layer of comfort and confidence. You can take on longer routes, face varying weather conditions, and enjoy the scenery without the constant battle against wind and fatigue.

What Do Real Riders Say?

Klock Werks BMW Flare Windshield

Real BMW® riders like Stefan Collier rave about the transformative impact of the Flare™ Windshields. Stefan notes, "The instant stability is indescribable. It is like I'm riding a completely different bike." He loves the added comfort, remarking on how the Flare™ has improved his and his wife's riding experience: "My wife was in a complete bubble of calm air which she had never experienced before."

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