Magnetic Phone Mounts - Your Ultimate Guide to iOmounts®

Magnetic Phone Mounts - Your Ultimate Guide to iOmounts®

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In today's fast-paced digital age, a dependable phone mount is as crucial as a sturdy helmet for your ride. Thankfully, iOmounts® has your back, whether you're a thrill-seeker on two wheels, a busy bee in the office, or just someone who loves making life easier. 

Whatever your mounting needs, we have all the answers to your questions in this complete guide. Discover how a simple but mighty magnet can revolutionize your daily routines and outdoor adventures. 

How is the gripping power—really? Klock Werks iOmount offroad

The strength of a phone mount's grip is paramount, especially for those who live dynamic and active lifestyles. iOmounts® eliminate any concern with their superior holding power. The secret lies in their high-grade magnets, which provide a powerful and reliable grip. This ensures your phone stays securely in place, whether you're navigating rough terrains or getting work done in the garage. 

How safe are magnets for your phone?

Klock Werks iOmount for HD

You wouldn't be the first to wonder how a magnet can be so powerful without damaging your phone. Rest assured, the iOmounts® system is totally safe for your device. The magnetic component is housed safely within the device mount assembly and not the adaptor on your device. The magnet itself never directly contacts your device. 

Instead, what attaches to your phone is the iOdisc™, a razor-thin steel adaptor. This clever design allows for a magnetic connection in the phone mounting system without posing any risk to your phone's functionality or internal components. You can enjoy the secure hold of the iOmounts® phone mount with the peace of mind that your device is safe.

iOmounts® indoor and outdoor magnets, what's the difference?

Klock Werks iOmounts indoor and outdoor magnetsIndoor and outdoor magnets offer distinct features tailored to different environments and needs. While both are designed for secure device mounting, they exhibit differences in their construction and holding capabilities.

The indoor mount magnet, identifiable by a dash under the spade on the magnet of the iOcore, boasts impressive strength suitable for most indoor applications. It securely holds your device in place, providing reliable stability and peace of mind. However, despite its strength, it is optimized for indoor use and may not withstand extreme outdoor conditions.

On the other hand, the outdoor mount magnet was engineered for next-level power, catering to outdoor environments where additional strength and resilience are paramount. Notably, these outdoor mounts lack the dash under the spade, distinguishing them from their indoor counterparts. This design modification signifies a deliberate enhancement for outdoor usage.

The outdoor mounts feature multiple magnet inlays strategically incorporated to deliver the ultimate hold, ensuring the security of your device even in challenging outdoor settings. With their increased magnetic strength and reinforced construction, these outdoor mounts provide unparalleled stability and reliability, making them ideal for rugged outdoor activities and harsh weather conditions.

Where can you use iOmounts®?

Klock Werks iOmount Device Stand iOstandThe better question is, where can't you use them? iOmounts® are like the Swiss Army knives of phone mounts; they work just about anywhere.

At the office: iOstand® keeps your phone or tablet handy, perfect for checking emails or taking calls without interrupting your workflow. 

In the gym: Pump up the jams or follow a workout video without worrying about crushing or losing your phone amongst the equipment.

In the workshop: Keep your phone safe from sawdust and within easy view for those all-important how-to videos. 

Around the house: In the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom — have your phone set up wherever you need it with the iOwall™.

On the go: From strollers in the park to shopping carts at the store, no matter where daily life takes you, the nomad™ keeps your device secure and accessible.

On your bike: Bikers, rejoice! You can install a motorcycle mount onto your handlebars for easy calling or map access without compromising your phone's safety. 

On off-road adventures: Ready to hit the trails in your off-road ride? Off-road iOmounts®s keep your phone secure on all terrain, so you can focus on the fun. 

In your car: Road trips just got easier. The iOtraveler attaches seamlessly to your window for hands-free calling, easy navigation, or in-car entertainment for passengers. But if you are looking for something specific to your vehicle; give us a call because we have that too. ;-)

Klock Werks iOmounts Systems

So they are strong and versatile. What else makes them a modern must-have?

What makes iOmounts® the MVP of phone mounts? They're sleek, simple, and won't cramp your style. They blend effortlessly into any environment, be it the dashboard of your car, bike handlebars, or a neatly organized office desk. There are no bulky clamps or awkward angles — just a smooth, innovative design. 

The discreet design doesn't just look good; it simplifies interactions with your device. The slim profile of iOmounts® ensures that your view is never obstructed and you never lose full functionality of your device. 

Are they really worth the money?

iOmounts® are the gift that keeps on giving. They are crafted to last, built with materials that withstand the test of time and repeated use. While the upfront cost might be higher than some alternatives, the durability and versatility of iOmounts® make them a wise investment, saving you from the cycle of replacing low-quality mounts. 

Don’t forget, your phone mounts will also be compatible with new phones when you decide it’s time for an upgrade. No need to shop around again for the perfect mount, just add a new iOdisc™ and you’re set! You can even purchase multiple iOdiscs™ and use multiple devices with the same mount! 

Getting started with iOMounts®

With just a few simple steps, you can transform how you interact with your device.

Mount installation: If installation is necessary, first set up the phone mount in its designated location. Use the included hardware to securely install the mount. Ensure it is firmly attached and stable before proceeding.

Preparing the iOdisc: After giving your phone case a good clean, take the iOdisc™ and center it on the device. Once the disc is in place, apply firm pressure to adhere it securely. For best results, Klock Werks recommends the use of a smooth plastic, non-silicone case. While a very strong 3M VHB adhesive is used, The iOdisc™ will not stick to silicone, highly textured surfaces, and many soft cases.

Klock Werks iOmounts Magnet and iOdisc

Letting the iOdisc™ cure: After attaching the iOdisc™, allow it to cure for at least 24 hours (don't skip this step — trust us). This process is vital to ensure that the adhesive bonds effectively with your device and provides a strong hold. 

Adding the Device tether: Additional to all outdoor mounts is Klock Werks iOmounts® Phone Tether. This safety tether is easy to install and adds extra safety to your device. No matter where you are – close to home or far away – the Klock Werks iOmounts® Phone Tether will keep your smartphone close at hand. Its functional design allows you to use it with almost all phone and case combinations. The Klock Werks iOmounts® Phone Tether can be used with the rest of Klock Werks iOmounts® Phone Mounts to give you an added sense of security and peace of mind when using or mounting your smart device.

Klock Werks iOmounts Device Tether

Attachment ready: Once the iOdisc™ has cured for 24 hours, your device is ready to be attached to any iOmount®. Simply align your device with the magnetic mount, and it will snap securely into place.

Have more questions about your mount? Our Krew is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you need help choosing the right mount for your lifestyle, understanding installation, or just want to learn more about the benefits of iOmounts®, we're ready and eager to provide the answers and support you need.

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