Motorcycle Accessories & Parts: The Definitive Guide

Motorcycle Accessories & Parts: The Definitive Guide

What makes a great ride? Is it the sheer power at your fingertips, the wind effortlessly slicing around you, or maybe the way your bike turns heads as you cruise by? Whatever your answer, these experiences have one thing in common: high-quality motorcycle parts and accessories. Far more than simple add-ons, they turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

Here, we explore how motorcycle accessories can transform each journey, plus our top Klock Werks picks for your most common riding needs. 

Accessorizing Your Ride: Necessity or Luxury?

When the word “accessory” comes to mind, it might conjure images of optional, perhaps even superficial additions. But here at Klock Werks, accessories are way more than mere embellishments. From functional upgrades to innovative style enhancements, accessories serve a purpose essential to the riding experience. 

Replacements and upgrades: For many, interest in accessories often comes from the need to replace worn-out parts or the itch to upgrade the bike’s look and capabilities. Whether it’s a new set of handlebars to enhance comfort or a Flare™ Windshield to improve air management and handling, the right parts can make every ride safer and more enjoyable. 

Improves Stability: Upgrade your ride with the original Flare™ Windshield that sets the standard for excellence. Its innovative design features unique "hips" that redirect airflow for added downforce, ensuring a smoother ride compared to stock shields. The strategically placed "flip" at the top creates a clean, less turbulent air pocket for maximum comfort. Crafted from hard-coated polycarbonate, the Flare™ is built to withstand the demands of the open road, offering durability and style in one package.

Klock Werks Flare Windshield Installation

Style: Then there are the stylists, those who see their motorcycle as a canvas, using custom paint jobs and bodywork to unique accessories like the Kolor Flare™ to reflect their personality and aesthetic preferences. For them, the bike is a statement, an art piece that turns heads and sparks conversations. 

klock werks kolor flares

Must-Have Picks: Motorcycle Parts for Any Rider’s Need

Whatever you want from your ride, there’s an accessory for it. Our selection has you covered, ensuring your ride performs at its peak and looks great doing it.  

Aerodynamics and Wind Protection

Flare™ Windshields: Designed to re-route the air and reduce wind drag, the Flare™ Windshield is pivotal for riders looking to enhance their bike’s aerodynamics, improve stability, and minimize rider fatigue. Plus, the design fits in seamlessly with your ride’s look.

FXRP Style Fairing: Crafted for today's riders, the FXRP Style Fairing Fit Kit offers an all-in-one solution that surpasses traditional fairings. Complete with a model-specific fairing, Flare™ Windshield, headlight cover, and custom bracketry, this kit ensures a seamless and stylish upgrade for your ride. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to the most comfortable ride you've ever experienced.

klock werks fxrp style fairing kits

Fenders: Custom fenders not only protect you and your bike from road debris but also streamline your ride. Their model-specific design integrates with your bike’s aesthetics, improves efficiency and minimizes fatigue by doubling as a fork-brace on longer journeys. Our Fenders also come with mounting blocks if necessary to make installation on breeze!

Control and Comfort

Handlebars: With a focus on ergonomics, adjustability and style, our handlebars offer riders improved comfort during every ride. They integrate with your bike model and are engineered to provide a more natural riding position, reducing cramps and pinching during long days of riding.  

Dynamat: Minimizing unwanted vibrations and audio distortion, these sound deadening kits improve your audio output no matter what speed you travel. Custom-cut for a perfect fit, they eliminate any guesswork, ensuring an optimal upgrade with no mystery in application or cost. We recommend trying this before making any audio system upgrades, you will be surprised at what they can deliver.  

klock werks dynamat kits

Appearance and Maintenance

Shine Werks: Keeping your motorcycle in showroom condition is easy with the right cleaning products. Formulated to clean, protect, and enhance your bike’s finish, these products ensure every surface is protected and looks good for the long haul. 

Convenience and Connectivity

iOmounts®: In today’s increasingly connected world, having your smartphone securely mounted on your bike not only offers convenience but also ensures your safety. iOmounts® provide a sturdy and easily accessible place for your device, making it easy to use navigation apps, take hands-free calls, or stream music without compromising your focus on the road. 

klock werks HD perch mount

Ride With the Best

When you choose Klock Werks, you’re not just selecting high-quality motorcycle parts and accessories. You’re joining a community of passionate riders who value innovation and style. With a commitment to quality and customer service, we’re the go-to destination for riders who demand the best, not just in their machines, but in their riding experience. 

Explore all of our motorcycle parts and make your next ride the best one yet. Got questions about installation, compatibility, or specific product features? Our Krew is here to help you find the perfect match for your motorcycle.