Textron UTV Accessories to Conquer Any Climate

Textron UTV Accessories to Conquer Any Climate

Each season brings its own set of off-roading adventures and challenges. Luckily, as a proud owner of a Textron UTV, you have a vehicle built to tackle just about anything nature throws your way. But how do you truly make the most of each season?

Here are good accessories to get year-round fun and functionality out of your Textron UTV. 

Klock Werks Off Road UTV Textron

Winter Wonderland: Tackle the Cold Head-On

In winter, it’s all about staying clear and cozy. The Flare™ Windshield, thanks to its unique “hips” and “flips,” deflects snow and cold air, ensuring your view is unobstructed and you stay as warm as possible considering it's a half shield. Plus, it’s made to withstand those harsh winter conditions, making it an essential upgrade for any off-road winter warrior. 

And on those icy trails? Textron's are beasts when it comes to stability, but ice can throw off even the most hardy vehicles. Add some extra grab handles for reliable support for any slides or jolts you might experience. 

Klock Werks Off-Road UTV Grab Handle

Spring Showers: Gear Up for Rainy Terrain

Springtime often means rain, and with rain comes mud — lots of it. This is where your Textron really gets to show off its mud-slinging powers. To maintain maximum visibility, pair any windshield (or even better, a Flare™ Windshield) with a set of Flare™ Wings. Recreational riders love ‘em, and they can be particularly helpful for utility riders, such as farmers or emergency responders, who rely on their Textron to tackle Spring’s often unpredictable weather and terrain. 

In the springtime, our shop experiences a surge in demand for Shine Werks, our top-tier quick cleaner. It's as if everyone can't get enough of it! Shine Werks has become a staple for our Krew and customers due to its portability, hassle-free cleaning properties and remarkable efficiency. 

Summer Heat: Stay Shaded and Protected 

As the thermostat rises, keeping the scorching sun at bay is crucial. A sun visor is a must-have, providing essential shade, reducing glare, and enhancing the thrill of tearing through sun-drenched trails. And when it comes to those long summer nights, hook up a lighted license plate mount to ensure your UTV is visible, a feature appreciated by both nighttime recreational riders and those using their UTV for more professional purposes.

Klock Werks Off Road UTV 

Fall Trails: Enjoy the Colors in Comfort

As temperatures drop, it’s time to take out your Textron and explore those vibrant autumnal landscapes. A GoPro mount is an essential companion on all of your fall adventures. Securely attach it to your UTV and get ready to record your scenic ride through the fall foliage with ease. And when you’re ready to take a break and enjoy the crisp air, a helmet hanger provides a convenient spot to hang your helmet or gear. It keeps your essentials within easy reach and your cabin organized for an even smoother outing.

Don’t Forget These Year-Round Essentials

No matter the season or weather, there are some accessories you just can’t hit the trails without. For example, a fire extinguisher mount is a non-negotiable accessory. Safety should always be your top priority, and having an extinguisher readily accessible can be a lifesaver in emergencies. For added safety and visibility, hook up a flag or whip mount and ensure your UTV doesn’t get lost in the colors and textures of the landscape. 

Having your phone close by is essential, too. Whether you’re using GPS for navigation, staying connected with fellow off-roaders, or capturing memorable moments on the trail, iOmounts® provide a secure and convenient mounting solution. They can be attached to your roll bars, dash, or virtually anywhere else, all while keeping your device in place on rough terrains. 

Klock Werks iOmounts Off Road UTV

Got questions about how to prepare your Textron for the seasons ahead? Reach out to our Krew for expert advice and recommendations. We’re here to help get you ready for any adventure, no matter what Mother Nature has in store!

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