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The Wedge Fairing Joins Klock Werks

Klock Werks, the renowned Air Management Experts, are excited to welcome the Wedge Fairing, a pioneering frame-mounted fairing kit designed by the visionary Bill Blackmore, to the family.

As the new home for all Wedge Fairing products and customer support, Klock Werks is dedicated to providing exceptional service and quality to both new and existing customers. Contact Klock Werks at info@getklocked.com or (605) 996-3700 for inquiries or customer service needs.

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Wedge Fairing Interest

We are thrilled to bring Klock Werks' design and quality to the Wedge Fairing market while honoring Bill's legacy. We look forward to introducing enhanced features such as new lighting, improved bracketry, and expanded audio options for an unparalleled riding experience.

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