Windshield Height Really Does Matter

Windshield Height Really Does Matter

When it comes to air management, having the best is only possible if you optimize your ride according to your individual height and stance.

“Try them all before you buy,” Scott Russ said. “I say this because it took me two windshields to find what I was totally searching for.”

Scott has a 2016 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special. He said the stock windshield was useless. At Klock Werks, we know just how uncomfortable a ride can be without the right windshield – head-buffeting, neck strain, bugs, not to mention losing sunglasses and hats! Who ever said they liked to be blasted with wind?

Just one, damn, happy customer!

Scott had a Flare™ Windshield on a previous motorcycle, a 2012 Street Glide, so he opted for the 9” Sport Flare™.

“Although it was a marked improvement over stock, I was still getting a lot of wind in my ears.” Scott said.

Scott, at 5’9” and a 32” inseam, preferred a little more coverage without sacrificing the laid-back style that the Sport Flare™ is known for. Initially, he was hesitant about the 14” Sport Flare™, but he tried it at his local HD shop.

“As soon as I put it on, I was impressed with the lines. Although 14” doesn’t stick straight up, it had a nice laid back look to it that accentuates the lines of the fairing.” Scott said. (Thanks for noticing, Scott!) “So, I hop on the scoot and blast on down the road at 80 mph. Within the first half mile, I was instantly amazed! The wind reduction in my face, on my chest area, and in my ears was 90%. I could hear my stereo, dang near, clear. I was amazed.”

Convinced this Flare™ was “the one,” Scott headed back to the shop and bought one. Two weeks later, he headed out on a three week, 7000 mile cross-country trip from Memphis to LA and through the National Parks of California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and many points in between.

“I can’t tell you how pleased I was and still am with what this windshield does,” he said. “I’ve searched everywhere for the perfect shield for me. This is what worked for me. Check these guys out at all the rallies, and try before you buy! And, no,” he added. “I’m, not an employee. Just one damn, happy customer!”

Catch up with the Klock Werks Krew at rallies throughout the year to “Try It Before You Buy It,” find your local dealer on our “Dealer Locator” page at, or call the Krew at 605-996-3700.

“We created the original “Try It Before You Buy It” windshield demo program in 2008 because 2000 people don’t want pepperoni pizza,” stated Brian Klock. Having the right height makes all the difference, and we want to make sure you find what is right for you!