The Best Indian® Motorcycle Parts for Your Next Ride

The Best Indian® Motorcycle Parts for Your Next Ride

Indian® Motorcycle is legendary in the motorcycle world, having captured the hearts of riders like you for over a century. Whether it's the powerhouse performance or meticulous craftsmanship that keeps you hooked, one thing's for sure: You're always looking for ways to take these machines to the next level. That's where we come in. With a passion for Indian motorcycles that runs as deep as the brand’s history, we've crafted some of the best parts and accessories to elevate your riding experience. 

Dive into our comprehensive guide on the must-have upgrades for your Indian® model, tailored to address some of the most common challenges riders face.

For Riders Who Go the Distance

Klock Werks Indian® Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

Touring motorcycles like the Indian Roadmaster and Pursuit are designed for long-distance travel. But even these sophisticated machines can benefit from upgrades to tackle common touring challenges.

Problem: Wind Fatigue

Solution: Flare™ Windshield

When you're clocking in serious miles, wind fatigue can turn a dream ride into a tiring ordeal. The Flare™ Windshield is a game-changer for touring bikes. The patented design features "hips" at the outer edge that re-route the air to add downforce, and "flips" at the top that kick the wind up and back. The result is less turbulent air and a smoother, more stable ride. 

Problem: Long-Haul Discomfort

Solution: Ergo Bars

Our ergonomic handlebars, designed specifically for touring models like the Indian Roadmaster, adjust your wrists to a more natural position, reducing strain and helping to eliminate that pinched feeling between your shoulder blades after hours on the road. 

Problem: Device Accessibility

Solution: iOmounts® 

Keeping your device within reach is a necessity on long-haul journeys. Our iOmounts® for Indian models help you do just that. The powerful magnetic system ensures your phone stays put, even on rough terrain or a windy day, while allowing easy removal when you're off the bike. 

For Riders Who Love Classic Cruising

Klock Werks Indian® Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

Cruisers like the Indian Chief, Chief Classic, and Scout offer a relaxed riding position perfect for city commuting and long, leisurely rides. However, even these iconic models have challenges that can be addressed with the right accessories.

Problem: Inadequate Coverage

Solution: Fairing Kits

Klock Werks Fairing Kits offer an excellent solution for Indian Motorcycle riders seeking enhanced comfort and style. These fairing kits are designed to provide additional wind protection, making in-town cruising and classic rides on models like the Indian Chief more enjoyable. The streamlined design not only adds to the bike's aesthetic appeal but also reduces wind fatigue, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable ride. The pairing of this FXRP Style Fairing Kit with a Klock Werks Flare™ Windshield is the ultimate winner!

Problem: Generic Style

Solution: Fender Kits

If you like to turn heads when you're cruising, grab some Tire Hugger Front Fenders, designed to offer a sleek, modern look that shows off your tire (while providing must-have protection from road debris). 

Problem: Wrist Strain

Solution: KlipHangers

Say goodbye to wrist strain and hello to customized comfort. Klock Werks KlipHanger Handlebars feature machined "Klamps" that let you position the control/grip portion exactly where you want it and then lock it into place. 

For Riders Who Want the Best of Both Worlds

Klock Werks Indian® Motorcycle Parts and Accessories

Baggers like the Indian Chieftain, Challenger, and Springfield combine the best of both touring and cruiser motorcycles, but these versatile rides aren't without their challenges. 

Problem: Visual Appeal

Solution: Bag Extensions

Baggers are all about that sleek, low-profile look, but sometimes, the stock setup just doesn't rise to your expectations. ABS bag extensions level up your bike's aesthetics. They artfully drape over the mufflers and blend around the exhaust tips to give your bike a visually longer and lower profile.

Problem: Poor Sound Quality

Solution: Dynamat® Sound Control Kit

A major part of the riding experience is cranking up your favorite tunes. But vibrations can seriously mess with your sound quality. The Dynamat Sound Control Fairing Kit minimizes those vibrations, giving you louder and clearer bass, more pronounced mid-range tones, and an all-around better sound output. 

Problem: Wind Drag

Solution: Flare™ Windshield

Wind drag can sap the joy out of a long ride on your bagger. Our model-specific Flare Windshields address this issue by improving stability and reducing wind buffeting. The innovative design not only cuts down on fatigue but also enhances overall ride quality, making both short and long rides more enjoyable.

Find your new favorite accessories for your Indian® model. Got questions about compatibility and installation, or just want to chat about your ride? Contact us today.