Gear Up With The Best Motorcycle Apparel and Merch

Gear Up With The Best Motorcycle Apparel and Merch

Gear Up With Klock Werks: The Ultimate Biker Merchandise
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At Klock Werks, we live and breathe the open road. Our passion for riding fuels everything we do, and it’s this dedication that drives us to create apparel and merchandise that truly resonates with fellow riders. Whether you’re looking for everyday apparel or gear for your next rally, our collection is designed to help you carry the riding spirit wherever you go. 

A Rider’s Brand

We’re not just another name in the biking world. We’re a brand built by riders, for riders. Our products are born from the same passion we have for our bikes, so you can rest assured that each item we offer meets the highest standards of quality and style. From our innovative motorcycle parts to our kool apparel, everything we create is fueled by passion.  

Apparel for On & Off the Road

Our apparel line is crafted with riders in mind. Each piece is made from high-quality materials and designed to keep you looking sharp, whether you layer it with your riding gear or rock it solo off the bike. 

Here are some highlights from our apparel lineup:

Hats: Featuring the iconic Klock Werks branding, our hats are the perfect finishing touch to your biker look. Choose from trucker or Flexfit styles, both lightweight, breathable, and durable enough for your everyday adventures. 

Klock Werks Motorcycle Apparel and Merch

Long Sleeves: Klock Werks' long sleeve shirts are ideal for riders seeking a lightweight layer without the bulk of a hoodie. Available primarily in white, these shirts provide excellent sun protection, keeping riders cool and shielded from sunburn during sunny rides.

Klock Werks Motorcycle Apparel and Merch

Flannels: Ideal for layering, our Dixxon collab flannels offer warmth and a rugged look that’s perfect for riders. They’re made from a durable D-Tech™ fabric blend and include handy features like a microfiber cloth for cleaning glasses or devices on the go. 

Klock Werks Motorcycle Apparel and Merch

T-shirts: Made from soft, durable fabric, our t-shirts are great for everyday wear. Layer them with your favorite flannel or rock them as their own statement piece.

Klock Werks Motorcycle Apparel and Merch

Fun & Functional Accessories

When you’re not out on the open road with our top-quality motorcycle accessories, why not bring that spirit into your everyday life? Whether you’re looking to add some Klock Werks flair to your home, workspace, or personal items, we’ve got the perfect mix of practicality and style. Check out some of our favorites: 

Pop sockets: Add a touch of Klock Werks style to your phone with our branded pop sockets. They make one-handed use easier and can even double as a phone stand. 

Shop banner: Show off your Klock Werks pride with our shop banner. Featuring a durable vinyl construction and reinforced grommets, they bring a bold look to your garage, workshop, or event space.

Drink cooler: Keep your drinks cold at your next rally or on your next road trip with our Kase Mate coolers. Designed to keep 12 or 24 packs cold for up to 7 hours without ice, they fit perfectly in most saddlebags. 

Klock Werks Motorcycle Apparel and Merch

The Kool Factor

We’ve got the kool factor in spades. Our designs are modern, bold, and all about expressing who you are and what you love. When you wear Klock Werks gear, you’re not just wearing clothing; you’re making a statement about your lifestyle and passion for riding. Each item you wear or use from Klock Werks tells a story of adventure, freedom, and a deep connection to the road. 

Explore the Lineup The Kool Factor

Ready to gear up with some of the coolest and most functional biker apparel and accessories? Check out our full collection. Whether you’re hitting the open road or just looking to add a bit of biker style to your wardrobe, Klock Werks has you covered. 

At Klock Werks, we’re committed to providing fellow riders with the best in biker apparel. Our products are designed with the same passion that fuels us, ensuring each item looks great and works well. Gear up and ride out with Klock Werks. Got questions about our merchandise? Reach out to our friendly Krew today.