Elevate Your Ride with Klock Werks Parts for Harley-Davidson® Low Rider ST

Elevate Your Ride with Klock Werks Parts for Harley-Davidson® Low Rider ST

When it comes to enhancing the performance and aesthetics of your motorcycle, choosing the right accessories is crucial. For enthusiasts of the Harley-Davidson® Low Rider ST, Klock Werks offers an array of top-notch parts and accessories designed to improve your riding experience. In this post, we'll explore the benefits of upgrading your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle with Klock Werks parts, focusing on the Low Rider ST model.

A Closer Look at the Harley-Davidson® Low Rider ST

The Harley-Davidson® Low Rider ST is a dream for anyone who loves a mix of chill sport touring vibes and some serious power. It's got everything you'd want for cruising around or tearing up the highway—sleek blacked-out details, handy removable saddlebags, and even optional traction control for a smoother ride. With its beefy Milwaukee-Eight 117 cubic-inch engine and frame-mounted fairing, this bike is all about high performance that doesn’t skimp on style.

The Klock Werks team was ecstatic about the opportunity to work with the Harley-Davidson® Low Rider ST, especially when it came to our well-known products like the Flare™ Windshields and iOmounts® magnetic phone mount system. Our involvement went beyond mere enthusiasm as we tested the Flare™, ensuring it exceeded the demands of performance and aesthetics.

Enhanced Aerodynamics with our Flare™ Windshield

The new frame-mounted fairing on the Harley-Davidson® Low Rider ST, inspired by the iconic FXRT Sport Glide, represents a significant leap in motorcycle design. Developed with advanced dynamics, the fairing exhibits sharper lines that enhance its aerodynamic efficiency. It's wide features are to effectively shield most riders, with strategically placed small deflectors at the lower edges to divert wind from the knees. However, despite these improvements, some riders may still experience helmet buffeting at highway speeds due to the three large, non-closable vents incorporated into the fairing design.

This is where Klock Werks Flare™ Windshields come into play. Specifically designed to complement and enhance the existing fairing, the Flare™ Windshield adds an additional layer of wind protection. The patented design of Klock Werks Flare™ Windshields not only reduces drag but also redirects airflow to further minimize the buffeting effect, ensuring a smoother, more comfortable ride.

And it’s not just about performance; it’s about style too! Beyond the classic dark smoke and tint, Klock Werks offers Flare™ Windshields in a variety of vibrant colors to add a pop to your ride. Whether you’re looking to match your bike’s color scheme or make a bold statement, there’s a color for every personality. Want more? The Low Rider ST Flare™ was named a 2023 Nifty 50 winner, celebrating it as one of the top new products in the industry. So not only will your ride look great and perform better, but you'll also be sporting an award-winning accessory!

Handlebar Phone Mount Options

In today’s connected world, staying in touch while on the move is more important than ever. That’s why the Klock Werks Phone Mounts for Harley-Davidson® is a game-changer for riders. Designed to blend seamlessly with the bike’s controls, this mount offers secure and convenient access to your phone’s navigation, music, and communication features. Engineered for durability and ease of use, the Klock Werks phone mount keeps your device in clear view and accessible, without interfering with the operation of your motorcycle. Whether you’re navigating busy city streets or cruising on the open road, this phone mount ensures you stay connected safely. Upgrade your Low Rider ST with this must-have accessory and make every ride a little more convenient. klock werks five star phone mounts

Custom Enhancements with Klock Werks FXRP-Style Fairing Fit Kit

For those looking to capture the essence of classic touring combined with contemporary engineering, the Klock Werks FXRP-Style Fairing Fit Kit is a must-have. While the Low Rider ST already comes equipped with a robust fairing, our FXRP-Style Fairing Fit Kit offers a complementary customization that elevates your bike’s aesthetics and functionality. Designed to echo the legendary touring aesthetics, this fairing kit not only adds a vintage touch but also improves aerodynamics. By enhancing the existing setup, it makes your Low Rider ST stand out both in performance and style, giving it a unique edge that distinguishes it from the rest.

Klock Werks FXRP Fairing

Elevate Your Control with Shelton Risers

Enhance your riding posture and control with Klock Werks Shelton Handlebar Risers. Perfect for riders seeking a more comfortable and assertive riding position, these risers bring the handlebars closer and offer a more relaxed arm position, reducing fatigue on long rides. Their robust design integrates seamlessly with your bike's existing setup, providing both strength and style. BONUS, this product is also equipped with our iOmounts® Center Rider Phone Mount for added utility and convenience!

Protect Your Ride with the Oil Cooler Guard

The Klock Werks Oil Cooler Guard for Harley-Davidson® 2018-2023 Softail Models is an essential addition for protecting your bike’s cooling system. Made from durable materials, this guard shields the oil cooler from road debris and reduces the risk of punctures, ensuring your engine runs smoothly in all conditions. It’s a small investment that can save on costly repairs and maintain the performance integrity of your motorcycle.

Stay in the Loop with Klock Werks

Upgrading your Harley-Davidson® Low Rider ST with Klock Werks parts isn't just about enhancing your bike; it's about elevating your entire riding experience. From the performance-boosting Flare™ Windshields to the practical and stylish phone mounts, every product is designed with your ride in mind. Our accessories ensure that you enjoy both the journey and the destination in style and comfort.

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