Riding the Waves of Creativity and Time: The Motley Blue

Riding the Waves of Creativity and Time: The Motley Blue

The debut of the Motley Blue at this year's Secret Friends Throwdown transcended a mere bike reveal; it represented the culmination of dedication, strategic maneuvers under time constraints, and creative ingenuity. Surrounded by a handpicked group of exceptional builders, Brian was determined to deliver a standout custom motorcycle. 

Behind the scenes, Brian's initial project was a Cherry Bomb Knucklehead. However, as the date of the Secret Friends Throwdown approached, he realized rushing the Knucklehead build wasn't an option. So, what was the team going to do?

In the shop, they were also working on fitting parts to a 2022 Super Chief. Brian swiftly redirected the team's focus to transform this into the new platform for the Secret Friends Throwdown. With just over a month to complete the build, urgency filled the air.

Already envisioning the new bike, Brian proposed fitting a Klock Werks FXRP Fairing, Klock Werks Wrapper Front Fender, and Viking hard bags generously provided by Greg Wick. The ideas were flowing, but were they enough?

As the team gathered around the build on the lift, pondering how to truly make this Super Chief stand out, Vanessa approached with a challenge. "Either paint the frame or polish the motor, in true Brian Klock fashion. It's what people expect from him."

With just a month to make this leap, did the team hesitate? Absolutely not. They tore down the entire bike the very next day!

The Indian Super Chief holds a chrome motor package and a black fork, so the team decided to stay true to character and added a 10" Indian riser kit to complete their on-brand efforts. They also opted to retain the stock chrome headpipe and added Rhinehart slip-on mufflers, resulting in a perfect sound.

Klock Werks Indian Chief FXRP Fairing
 "So much hustle and so little time," Says Brian.

The low-mileage 116" stock motor was stripped down to basics and sent off to Steve Langston at Elite Polishing in Lincoln, NE (known for his work on Project Princess motor on Karlee's Indian Scout) for some serious bling. He painstakingly polished the case, heads, cylinders, and even the manifold to a fine shine. Additionally, the team installed a stage 2 Indian performance cam and throttle body upgrade with a Lloydz tune.

Next, Jeff Gjerde and Shannon Pranschke at Gjerde Production Paint, located across from the Indian Motorcycle factory in Spirit Lake, IA, were tasked with spraying the blue candy Ace of Shades mix on all the pieces, including the frame. The "Motley Blue" color was exactly what Brian had envisioned, shining brilliantly in both sun and shade.

Subsequently, Spencer Martinson at SMT was contacted to cut and chrome wheels within the tight timeframe, while Galfer USA provided orange anodized rotors for an extra pop of color. The pulley and covers were sent to Minneapolis to Dubois Polishing and Plating for chrome finishing. The finishing touches included a Combustion Industries plate relocation kit and Lectric Lighting blue anodized signals.

Special recognition was given to Dani, Shelton, Dennis, and Ryan for their tireless efforts and late nights as all the parts returned and were seamlessly reassembled, culminating in the creation and finalization of "Motley Blue."

Once the bike was assembled, started, and test-ridden, the perfect finishing touch arrived: badges from the students at Mitchell Tech, replacing the reflectors and proudly proclaiming "Motley Blue."

Klock Werks Indian Super Chief motorcycle parts and accesories
 "Now she is complete," says Brian.

The team loaded her up to make her way to Arizona for the Secret Friends Throwdown, taking a ride from Winslow to Cave Creek. In just one month, the team dismantled and reassembled an Indian creation that not only looks amazing but rides like a dream.