Mitchell, SD Becomes a Strider Bikes Community

Mitchell, SD Becomes a Strider Bikes Community

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THE GOAL: Every Child On Two Wheels

Next fall, all Kindergarten students in Mitchell, SD will have the opportunity to learn how to ride a bicycle on Strider Bikes.

Thanks to Alan and Jennifer Bainbridge, both part of team Klock Werks, owners Brian Klock and Dan Cheeseman, Jeff Miedema, of Miedema Sanitation, and Quality Wood and Metal Designs the Kindergarten PE Learn-To-Ride program – a movement led by the Strider® Education Foundation – will be present within every single elementary school in Mitchell.

The saga began earlier this year when Jennifer and Alan Bainbridge wanted to equip their son’s school with the Kindergarten PE Learn-To-Ride Program. Brian and Dan, owners of Klock Werks, overheard them one day and asked how they could help. Together they were able to support all three Mitchell public elementary schools with the program.

What was an already incredible story, turned into something downright awesome.

According to Alan, his best friend Jeff was inspired by the initial gift made to public schools in Mitchell. He wondered what would happen if it was taken a step further. What if they were able to secure funding for the private elementary schools in the Mitchell community as well? His idea became a reality when Miedema organized a group of local donors and raised enough money for the private elementary schools to be able to offer the program for their students as well.

The Kindergarten PE Program equips schools with everything teachers need to teach children how to ride bikes. The program includes teacher training and certification, a structured 8 lesson curriculum, a fleet of 22 Strider 14x Balance Bikes, 22 Pedal Conversion Kits, 22 fully-adjustable helmets, and a 5 year support plan.

“What a wonderful way to ensure every child in Mitchell has an opportunity to learn how to ride a bicycle. The confidence that comes with conquering a new skill is something they will use the rest of their lives,” said Jennifer Bainbridge. “With the confidence of riding on two wheels, we hope these kids will also develop a love for motorcycles and the freedom and independence that motorcycling brings,” Alan Bainbridge added.’

Imagine a future where bicycles in elementary schools are as fundamental as whiteboards, racks of balls, and rows of desks.

Brian Klock, President and Visionary of Klock Werks agrees, but for him and Dan it means even more.

“Beyond our involvement in the program, we are super proud of Alan and Jennifer for getting the rest of Team Klock Werks and our friends involved with this program. It does amazing things for the kids, but it also makes Mitchell the kind of place we want to live and do business. Klock Werks is successful because great people like Jennifer and Alan push all of us to be better,” he said.

Alan said the program has impacted his family at a very personal level.

“Seeing school administration and staff excited and willing to propel the program forward is really special,” he said. “We’ve seen the program in action at a couple of schools already. Watching the excitement on the kids’ faces, while they coast around the gym, makes you smile!”

Strider® Education Foundation

The Strider® Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit incorporated in South Dakota in 2007. The Foundation’s primary purpose is to distribute Learn-To-Ride Programs to schools and organizations committed to teaching children, those with special needs, or the elderly how to ride. Strider is currently collecting 1 million signatures to get their All Kids Bike program accepted into elementary school Kindergarten PE curriculums everywhere so every child in school is taught, along with reading, writing, and arithmetic, how to ride a bike.

According to Strider, training and riding can start on Strider bikes as early as 18 months with their smallest model. This teaches children the fundamentals of balance and steering. Early exposure to life on two-wheels allows children to develop core fundamentals before they have to focus on pedaling skills.

Imagine a future where bicycles in elementary schools are as fundamental as whiteboards, racks of balls, and rows of desks. Imagine a country where all school children possess the self-confidence bicycling provides, not to mention the stimulation to their hearts, muscles, and minds.

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