Magnetic Phone Mounts for the Modern Adventurer

Magnetic Phone Mounts for the Modern Adventurer

Discover iOmounts® — a magnetic phone mount for your bike, car, home, and beyond. Learn more about the unmatched strength and integration possibilities.

In today’s digital age, outdoor enthusiasts need a way to stay connected wherever they roam. Enter magnetic iOmounts®, whose versatility and strength make every interaction with your device a seamless experience. Whether you’re exploring the wild, tinkering in the shop, or staying efficient in the office, iOmounts are the ideal phone mount for your dynamic lifestyle.

What are iOmounts®?

iOmounts are an innovative mobile phone mounting system that uses ultra-strong magnets to secure your device. Unlike clamps or CD slot holders, iOmounts allows you to seamlessly attach and detach your device without compromising its security, making it the perfect companion for people always on the go. 

What’s so Special About Our Magnet?

We get it. You might wonder, “Is a little magnet really the best all-around phone mount?”. Here’s why the answer’s yes: 

Easy Device Access

When you’re always on the move, you don’t have time to fiddle with clamps or air vent holders to get the right fit. With a magnetic mount, you get ‘attach and go’ functionality. Just place your device on the mount, and you’re set. Need to reposition your phone from horizontal to vertical and anywhere in between? The semisphere iOcore™ allows for easy adjustments to get the perfect viewing angle every time. 

Sleek Design

Be it a car, motorcycle, or UTV, you put effort into the look of your vehicle. A phone mount shouldn’t detract from that. iOmounts are designed not just for functionality but to complement the appearance of your ride. They look less like a shabby add-on and more like an extension of your vehicle. Plus, the minimal design means no bulky pieces getting in the way of your phone screen, car charger port, or dashboard controls. 

Superior Strength

The iOmounts system employs high-grade magnets that guarantee a powerful hold. Unlike adhesive or clamp mounts, which tend to lose their grip, a magnet keeps your device right where you want it, even on sharp turns and bumpy rides.  


Whether anchored to handlebars or dashboards, iOmounts keeps your phone secure in the most challenging conditions. Its versatility shines indoors, too. Want to binge a show, follow a recipe, or sweat through a home workout? There’s a mounting solution for even the most everyday applications. 

A Phone Mount That Can Do It All

When we say iOmounts offers endless versatility, we mean it. Here are just some ways the iOmounts can make your life easier and more connected.

On (or off) the road

Motorcycle and off-road iOmounts keep your GPS in clear view, ensuring you’re always on the right path. When it’s time to stop and connect with others, simply pop your phone off the mount (or take your calls hands-free!). And on those long car trips, your passengers can sit back and enjoy the ride with the iOtraveler® suction cup mount.

Need a versatile phone mount for your bicycles, too? The Nomad and Nomad+ are the solution. Simply attach it to your tubing and you’re ready to ride. When your journey changes, effortlessly detach the Nomad and move it to a new location, from electric bikes to strollers. 

In the shop or gym 

Gone are the days of precariously propping up your phone on your workbench or gym equipment. Choose the iOmounts solution that works best with your setup, and your device stays within sight and safe from potential mishaps. Whatever your latest DIY project might be, it’s easy to keep search engines and how-to videos at your fingertips without compromising your device’s security.  

For fitness enthusiasts, the iOwik® is a game-changer. Mount it on your equipment to keep your phone in sight but out of the way while filming or tracking workouts. Participating in a CrossFit competition? Meet competition regulations by recording your performance without touching your device.

At the office

Our line of home iOmounts instantly transform your workspace into a hub of efficiency. Add an iOstand® to your desk space and make tackling your to-dos or tuning into meetings a breeze. Connecting with co-workers in the home office? Keep kids entertained with the iOwall®, perfect for mounting a tablet to play childrens videos.  

The Perfect Riding Companion

For the adventurous spirit, the iOmounts is more than just a phone holder — it’s a necessary travel companion. Whether you’re riding a Harley-Davidson®, Honda®, Indian®, BMW®, CanAm®, RZR®, or something else entirely, there’s an iOmount designed to seamlessly integrate into the look and build of your bike. Not just an accessory, it’s an extension of your ride, blending functionality and style for the ultimate riding experience. 

View the entire iOmounts lineup today and stay connected on and off the road. Have questions about which mount is right for your lifestyle? Don’t hesitate to reach out to the krew. It’s your ride, you decide.