Klock Werks Releases Custom Device Mount for Polaris Slingshot

Klock Werks Releases Custom Device Mount for Polaris Slingshot

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When Klock Werks partnered with iOmounts to bring the universal nomad™ and Device Mounts to the market, they expanded their power sports parts offerings. The nomad™ is the perfect option for sporty bikes, UTVs, ATVs, and more, but Klock Werks took it one step further and developed a specific mount for the Slingshot community.

More and more riders are making room in their garage for this three-wheeled powerhouse, and the smiles and grins on the faces of driver and passenger tell the story- this “motorcycle” is roomy, fun to drive, and conversations with the passenger just got a whole lot easier!

The affordable Slingshot has plenty of room for customization and extras! The Klock Werks Device Mount for Slingshot is unobtrusive and stylish, offered in black anodized aluminum with a stainless steel semi-sphere. The custom semi-sphere mount attaches to your standard windshield bracket and is installed in seconds.

Adapting to this system is seamless. A thin, stainless steel disc adheres to the back of your device with a powerful adhesive. Two iOadapts will come in your kit, and additional discs are available at GetKlocked.com. Once you place the iOcore, iOmounts powerful magnet, on the semi-sphere, you’re phone is ready to be locked into place. The Krew at Klock Werks has extensively tested the strength of this system, and it’s even up for awards in innovation.

Be a part of the device mounting revolution, and buy a mount made just for your Slingshot today at GetKlocked.com. It’s sure to be your most used addition for your favorite recreational vehicle.


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