Cleaners for Motorcycle Windshields & Beyond: A Complete Guide

Cleaners for Motorcycle Windshields & Beyond: A Complete Guide

Cleaning Your Motorcycle with Klock Werks
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Every rider knows that a clean bike doesn’t just look good; it’s a matter of pride and performance. A well-maintained motorcycle reflects your passion for the ride and can even extend the life of your machine. But with so many cleaning products on the market, how do you choose what’s best for your bike? How do you ensure you’re using a product that’s as tough on dirt as it is gentle on your bike’s finishes?

The answer is simple: Shine Werks. Read on for expert tips, step-by-step cleaning instructions, and insights into why Shine Werks is the top choice for bikers who care about their ride.

Cleaning Your Motorcycle 

Step 1: Prep Your Motorcycle

Before getting started, park your motorcycle in a cool, shaded area. Give it a good dusting to remove any large pieces of dirt and debris that could scratch the paint during the cleaning process. 

Step 2: Choose the Right Cleaner

Soap and water might seem like the obvious choice, but they’re often too harsh or simply ineffective on special finishes. For example, regular soap can strip away protective coatings and leave a dull residue. Enter the Shine Werks squad, ready to tackle every speck of dirt without the drawbacks of standard cleaning methods. 

Shine Werks: The Jack-of-all trades of motorcycle cleaners. Perfect for your bike’s body, Flare™ Windshield, and just about any other surface, Shine Werks keeps your entire ride protected and looking great. With easy spray-on application, Shine Werks is convenient for quick touch-ups or a full clean, making it a versatile choice for any biker. Shop Shine Werks

Matte Werks: For those rocking a matte or satin look, Matte Werks is the way to go. Specifically formulated for matte finishes, it ensures your bike gets cleaned without leaving any unwanted shine or gloss behind. It effectively tackles bugs, grime, dirt, dust, and smudges, all while maintaining the unique look of your bike. Shop Matte Werks

Step 3: Cleaning Your Ride

Shine Werks makes cleaning as smooth as your last ride. Just follow three simple steps for a bike that looks like it just rolled out of the showroom. Start by spraying on your Shine Werks cleaner of choice. Grab a microfiber cloth and use one side to wipe and clean the surface thoroughly. Once you’ve tackled the dirt, flip the cloth over and buff the surface to reveal a stunning shine. 

Step 4: Special Attention Areas

Don’t forget to give your engine some TLC with the power of Engine Werks. Its unique, water-based formula brings back that like-new finish on your motor’s powder coat. Just spray it onto the engine’s cool, dry surface and let it work its magic. It’s like a mini-makeover for your engine, ensuring it looks as good as it runs. 

When it comes to cleaning your windshield, Shine Werks is your best bet. Originally developed specifically for our Flare™ Windshields, its formula is safe and effective, ensuring clarity and visibility without risking any damage. Simply follow the same cleaning process for a crystal clear view of the road ahead. 


Cleaning Dos and Don’ts


Use microfiber cloths: When wiping and drying, use soft microfiber cloths to avoid scratches. Grab the Klean Werks Kit, complete with a microfiber cloth and pair of polishing gloves, for a safe, all-in-one cleaning solution. 

Be gentle: Treat your motorcycle like the work of art it is. Apply cleaning products gently and buff surfaces with care.

Follow instructions: Each Shine Werks product comes with specific use guidelines. Adhering to these ensures optimal results and prevents potential harm to your ride. 


Use rough materials: Never use harsh chemicals or abrasive tools. These can damage the protective coatings and paint on your motorcycle. 

Ignore hard-to-reach areas: Grime stuck in nooks and crannies can cause long-term damage to your bike, so give them attention, too. 

Got Other Cleaning Needs?

Good news: Shine Werks isn’t just for motorcycles. This cleaner is so versatile you can use it on your car or even around the house. For your car’s dashboard or those hard-to-clean alloy wheels, Shine Werks leaves the same streak-free shine and protective coating. And yes, it’ll make your home’s windows and surfaces sparkle, too. Whatever your cleaning needs, Shine Werks is here to make sure everything you care about comes out looking its best. 

Ready for a bike that looks as sharp as it handles? Explore the complete Shine Werks collection and give your ride the top-notch clean it deserves. For any questions on product selection or application, contact our friendly Krew.