Harley-Davidson® Street Glide Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson® Street Glide Motorcycles

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Brian Klock Harley Davidson Street Glide parts and accessories

Street Glide Motorcycle Evolution Paired with Klock Werks Innovations

At Klock Werks, our passion for motorcycles drives everything we do. We’ve had the privilege of working on every model year of the Harley-Davidson® Street Glide, evolving our custom parts alongside the advancements of this iconic touring bike.

Harley-Davidson has always been a cornerstone of American motorcycle culture. When they introduced the Street Glide in 1985, it puzzled many. It wasn't a cruiser, sport bike, or luxury tourer—so what was it?

The FLHX Street Glide was the brainchild of Willie G. Davidson, Harley’s former senior VP and chief styling officer. Known for the 1971 Super Glide, Willie designed a classy tourer that, while not as luxurious as other Harley tourers, offered an exhilarating yet comfortable ride.

Debuting in 1985, the Street Glide quickly gained a reputation in the touring motorcycle world. Initially part of the FLT Tour Glide series, the 1985 model had a five-speed manual transmission and was powered by the Shovelhead engine. Its distinctive design and reliable performance earned it a dedicated following.

Still, the Street Glide didn’t take off until its early-2000s revamp. Not many riders even knew about the Street Glide until the turn of the century.

Evolution and Milestones

1985: The First Model

Klock Werks HD Street Glide

The original 1985 Street Glide introduced the world to a new breed of touring bike. With its streamlined design and powerful Shovelhead engine, it set a high standard for touring motorcycles. The combination of comfort, performance, and Harley-Davidson's classic style made it an instant hit.

2000: A Major Update

Klock Werks HD Street Glide

In 2000, the Street Glide underwent a significant transformation. Harley-Davidson introduced a new frame and suspension system to enhance handling and comfort. Most notably, they replaced the Shovelhead engine with the Evo motor, delivering more power and reliability. These changes marked the beginning of the Street Glide's growing popularity among touring enthusiasts.

2006: A New Era

Klock Werks HD Street Glide

In 2006, the Street Glide was reintroduced with modern updates that enhanced its appeal. Featuring the “iconic batwing fairing” that made it a staple in Harley-Davidson’s Touring lineup. The bike's design emphasized both style and functionality, providing a smooth and comfortable ride for long-distance travel.

2009: Touring Chassis Upgrade

Klock Werks HD Street Glide

In 2009, Harley-Davidson revamped the Street Glide with a new touring chassis. This upgrade improved the bike's handling and stability, making it a favorite among riders who value performance on long rides. The Twin Cam 96 engine also made its debut, offering more power and better fuel efficiency.

2014: Project RUSHMORE

Klock Werks HD Street Glide

Project RUSHMORE brought a series of significant updates to the Street Glide in 2014. The introduction of the High Output Twin Cam 103 engine, enhanced aerodynamics, and improved braking systems marked a new chapter in the bike's evolution. The Boom! Box infotainment system also added modern connectivity features, catering to tech-savvy riders.

2017: Milwaukee-Eight Engine

Klock Werks HD Street Glide

The 2017 Street Glide featured the new Milwaukee-Eight engine, which provided smoother power delivery, reduced heat, and improved fuel efficiency. This engine upgrade significantly enhanced the riding experience, solidifying the Street Glide's reputation as a top-tier touring motorcycle.

2024: The Latest Evolution

Klock Werks HD Street Glide

The 2024 Street Glide brings cutting-edge technology and design to the forefront. This model includes advanced rider safety enhancements, a state-of-the-art infotainment system, and a powerful engine that continues to embody Harley-Davidson's commitment to quality and innovation.

Klock Werks and the Street Glide: A Perfect Match of Harley-Davidson Parts

Klock Werks Harley Davidson street glide parts and accessories

At Klock Werks, we've enjoyed every minute with the Street Glide models, creating custom parts and accessories that feel right at home on these bikes. From the earliest models to the latest 2024 version, we've enjoyed the challenge of designing components that complement each new iteration.

With every new model, we’re motivated to be on the cutting edge, creating parts that elevate the riding experience. Whether it’s developing new windshields, refining fenders, or designing ergonomic handlebars, our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that each Street Glide, old or new, rides at its best.

Our Flare™ Windshield has evolved alongside the bike, improving aerodynamics and stability with each fairing upgrade. Our front fenders not only fit perfectly with the forks but also enhance the bike's overall lines, creating a seamless flow in the design. We’ve also crafted handlebar options that boost both comfort and style, ensuring long rides are as enjoyable as possible.

The Harley-Davidson Street Glide’s journey from its launch in 1985 to the present day is a reflection of Harley-Davidson’s success. With each milestone, the Street Glide has evolved, maintaining its status as a top choice for touring enthusiasts.

At Klock Werks, we’re proud to offer custom parts that enhance this legendary bike’s performance, comfort, and style. Whether you’re a long-time Street Glide owner or considering the purchase of one of these rad rides, the combination of Harley-Davidson’s legacy and Klock Werks’ passion promises an unmatched experience! 🙂