Seat Belt Bypass Harness

As low as $14.95
Most UTVs now have a governor installed to help protect you and your passengers by not allowing you to go more than 10-15 mph unless your factory seat belts are fastened. When you install any 4- or 5-Point Seat Belts, it is no longer necessary to fasten at the factory seat belt location since they are equipped with harness style fastening. To ensure you can reach top speed on the trail, you’ll need to install this seat belt override. This is a very easy to use device that is entirely plug and play. No cutting, no splicing or soldering. Remember... Always buckle up when you ride!
Fits MOST 2014+ Polaris and Can-Am models Fits Yamaha YXZ 1000 and ALL submodels Fits Honda Talon 2019-2020 models

Part Name Part #
Seat Belt Bypass Harness for Honda Talon KWS-05-0572 (2120-1047)
Seat Belt Bypass Harness for RZR and Can-Am KWS-05-0548 (2120-0949)
Seat Belt Bypass Harness for Yamaha & Kawasaki KWS-05-0549 (2120-0950)