Convert™ (Garmin mount to iOmounts™)

As low as $29.95

Convert your Garmin mount to iOmounts. If you are using a garmin bike computer during riding season you can convert your existing garmin bike mount to iOmounts and use your smartphone for training or swap your Garmin to your smartphone to use with Strava, MTB Project or other great navigation and training apps. Indoor version uses our regular magnets

Your garmin bike mount has a variety of applications available to it with our iOmount convert.

Are you using a garmin edge mount? Our convert allows you to switch out your GPS for your cell phone in the blink of an eye!

Already have a garmin gopro mount? Use our iOmount convert to interchange your phone and gopro seamlessly

Indoor version uses our regular magnets and are not as strong as the Outdoor version that uses our Nomad magnets.

Garmin Mounts

Part Name Part #
The Convert™ Garmin Conversion Mount-Indoor KWD-CONVERT-INDR (0636-0194)
The Convert™ Garmin Conversion Mount-Outdoor KWD-CONVERT-OUTDR (0636-0193)