Take Your Polaris RZR to the Next Level!

Take Your Polaris RZR to the Next Level!

UTV drivers- meet the stylish, functional, UTV windshield made from the same material used to create bullet proof windows, brought to you by a company with years of air management research and patents to back it all up. Klock Werks enters the UTV market with a shield that has already sold out of the first round of shipments, the UTV Flare™ Windshield for Polaris RZR.

Ever ridden in a UTV at high speeds? Then you know the wind blast fellow UTV owners have to deal with. It’s a strain on the neck and eyes, and if you’re muddin’ or flying through the sand, all of that debris is coming right at your face. Sure, you can purchase any number of flat windshields on the market, but we know the hassle of stopping frequently to clear them off when they get dusty, wet, or mudded up from hustling through dirt. And the shorter, flat shields don’t do anything to remedy the swirling, pushing air through the cab.

Klock Werks has your solution! The innovative Flare™ Windshield design features “hips” at the outer edge of the shield that re-route air, and the “flip” at the top is designed to kick the air up and back as clean, less turbulent air for driver and passenger. This means you’ll have all the wind/debris protection you need and want without sacrificing your ability to see! The original Flare™ Windshield, first created for motorcycles, has been selling for over a decade across the world, and now that same technology is available for your RZR!

Unlike flat shields that do not work if they are too low, or visibility is lost if they’re too high, you’ll still be able to look over the Flare™. This sleek windshield is made from hard-coated polycarbonate and is available in three shades, clear, tint, and dark smoke. The kit comes with patented AXIA Alloys detach clamp hardware, roll cage clamps, and thumbscrew turn knobs, machined from billet-aluminum, then black anodized. Installation is a snap, and all necessary hardware is included. Check your fitment and get additional information at GetKlocked.com.

The Flare™ Windshield is virtually scratch proof – keeping it looking as good as the rest of your UTV. So, jump it, race it, bury it, crash it, whatever- have fun, and look amazing while you’re doing it. Why purchase a simple, flat piece of plastic when you can have a windshield designed specifically with your best experience in mind?

Check out the RZR Action with the Klock Krew on our YouTube Channel. Click HERE!