Can-Am® UTV Accessories for Every Off-Road Destination

Can-Am® UTV Accessories for Every Off-Road Destination

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Let’s admit it: There’s nothing quite like hitting an off-road trail, is there? The wind in your hair, the earth beneath your tires, and the freedom to explore. But what if we told you that your off-roading adventures could get even better?

If you’re a Can-Am® enthusiast like us, you know Can-Am side-by-sides are already built for performance and unmatched versatility. What you might not know is that the right accessories can enhance your riding experience on any terrain you wish to conquer. 

From the UTV Flare™ Windshield for Can-Am® Maverick X3 that will keep the dust swirl out of the cabin to a simple convenience like our durable phone mounts, we want to come along for the adventure. 

To give you a clearer picture, we’ve picked some of the top off-roading destinations across the country, plus the essential accessories you might need for each adventure.

The Forest Trails of Black Hills, South Dakota

Where: Right in our own backyard, you’ll find the Black Hills forest with its canopy of Ponderosa pines, glistening streams, and an array of wildlife. It’s a green haven where off-roaders can weave through dense forest trails that open up to panoramic views. When winter rolls around, expect an off-road winter wonderland.

Accessories to consider: Can-Am vehicles boast heavy-duty suspension systems, but sometimes you want grab handles for extra stability on rugged forest paths (especially when there’s snow cover). When you’re itching to stretch your legs and immerse yourself in the sounds and sights of nature, a helmet hanger keeps your vehicle nice and tidy. 

The Sandy Bliss of Glamis Dunes, California

Where: Spanning vast stretches of southeastern California, the Glamis dunes, famously known as the Imperial sand dunes, beckon off-roading enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. This golden sea of rolling dunes offers unparalleled thrill rides, from soft, sandy stretches to sharp, steep climbs.

Accessories to consider: In such a popular destination, it's not just about the terrain. It’s about the traffic, too. With fellow riders zipping around, a whip or flag mount isn’t just a luxury but a safety essential. You’ll also need to keep, well, sand from clouding your view. A custom Flare windshield for your Can-Am gives you the protection you need while enhancing your ride’s aerodynamics.

The Rocky Paths of Moab, Utah

Where: Nestled amidst the red rocks of southern Utah, Moab is a crown jewel of UTV exploration. With paths that twist around rocky terrain, glide over slick rocks, and offer show-stopping views of the Colorado River and Arches National Park, it’s a ride no off-roader could forget. 

Accessories to consider: On those tight canyon turns, convex folding mirrors make it easy to keep everything in clear view. And don’t forget to hook up your GoPro camera mount to capture the stunning rock formations.

The Rocky Paths of Moab, Utah

Where: Nestled in central Florida, the Ocala National Forest is known for its vast and varied terrain. From winding highland trails to sandy stretches reminiscent of coastal dunes, the forest offers endless off-roading adventure.

Accessories to consider: Diverse landscapes call for a panoramic rearview mirror, perfect for enhancing visibility as you move from one terrain to another. To protect against unexpected weather and flying debris, be sure to install a Flare™ windshield on your Can-Am. 

The Wide-Open Spaces of the Sonoran Desert, Arizona

Where: Stretching across parts of California and Arizona, the Sonoran Desert offers a unique blend of arid landscapes, saguaro cactus towers, and vibrant wildflower blooms. Riding here feels like venturing into a nature-made art gallery, especially when those famous Arizona sunsets paint the sky orange and purple. 

Accessories to consider: In the open desert, having the right gear is essential. Keep your trail maps and contacts close with a secure phone mount. And don’t underestimate the desert sun. A 12” sun visor protects your eyes and enhances visibility for a safer, more enjoyable ride. 

As your one-stop shop for Can-Am parts and accessories, we’ve got everything you need for your next adventure. Check out the full collection today, or reach out to the Krew with any Can-Am questions!