iOmini™ ipad mini/iphone stand

As low as $89.95

The iOmini™ is a universal stand for cell phones and small tablets that works with the iPad mini, iPhones, Android phones, small tablets, and e-readers. The stand lifts your phone or tablet up 6 inches and rotates in any direction for the perfect viewing angle.

Crafted out of beautiful precision-machined steel, the iOmini relies on the simple but versatile iOmounts system that is safe and compatible with nearly all mobile devices. Attach the razor thin stainless steel iOdisc to your phone, tablet or case (you won’t even notice it’s there), and you’ll instantly be able to magnetically mount your device to the iOmounts core. It rotates in any direction and is device-universal. When you’re ready to go, just give your device a tug and you’re off and running. No clips, no hassle, just a simple magnet, infinite rotational adjustment, and a sleek modern design. The perfect iPad mini stand for your bed or office. Also perfect as an Phone stand for your desk.

The iOmini works best for small tablets and e-readers, like the iPad Mini, Nexus 7 or Kindle, and smartphones like the iPhone or HTC One. Don’t worry, the magnets won’t damage your phone or tablet, and there are no magnets in the iOdisc on your device.

The iOmini is available in a stainless steel finish and powdercoated black or white. It ships with two iOdiscs for use with more than one cell phone or small tablet. If you would like a stand or mount for a full-size tablet (like the iPad), we recommend the iOstand, a larger version of the iOmini.

Part Name Part #
iOmini™ (ipad mini/iphone stand)-Stainless KWD-MINI-SS (0636-0210)
iOmini™ (ipad mini/iphone stand)-Black Satin KWD-MINI-BLK (0636-0211)
iOmini™ (ipad mini/iphone stand)-White Satin KWD-MINI-WHT (0636-0212)
iOmini™ (ipad mini/iphone stand)-White Gloss KWD-MINI-WHT-GLSS