Ergo Bars for Indian Chieftain / Roadmaster / Dark Horse

As low as $599.95
Our Ergo bars correct your wrist position not only to reduce stress to your wrists but may help reduce that pinched feeling between your shoulder blades after a day of riding! They are designed specifically to adjust your wrists to a more natural position vs. stock handlebars. The mitered corners allow for a narrower grip width (33") without covering up the Ride Command and gauges in the fairing. Ergo bars accept stock controls and switch housings and are pre-drilled and slotted for internal wiring. This Fit Kit includes extended clutch cable and brake line. (It is possible to reroute the switch wiring under the fairing so that extending the wiring is not required.)
2017 Indian Chieftain 2017 Indian Roadmaster 2017 Indian Dark Horse with Faring 2018-2020 Indian Chieftain 2018-2020 Indian Roadmaster 2018-2020 Indian Dark Horse with Faring

Part Name Part #
12" Ergo Bars for 2018-2021 Indian KWH-04-0540-B
8” Ergo Bars for 2018-2021 Indian KWH-04-0473-B
8” Ergo Bars for 2017 Indian KWH-04-0462-B