DynaMat Sound Control Kit for Indian Chieftain

As low as $189.95
Indian owners have to contend with vibrations that result in distortion and lost audio from their sound systems at both high and low speeds. The Klock Werks Dynamat Sound Control Fairing Kit reduces those vibrations, giving you louder and more clear bass response, more pronounced mid-range tone and a clear improvement in your sound system. All fairing kits are custom cut, resulting in no waste and no guesswork! There is no mystery behind how much product you will need, where you should put it, or how much it will cost. These computer generated sheets of Dynamat Xtreme and Dynaliner eliminate calculations , templating and cutting. Installation is quick and easy! You simply open the package, peel, stick, and you’re done.
2014-2018 Chieftain 2014-2018 Roadmaster 2017-2018 Chieftain Dark Horse 2019-2021 Chieftain Limited 2019-2021 Chieftain Dark Horse 2020-2021 Roadmaster Dark Horse

Part Name Part #
DynaMat Sound Control Kit for 2019-2020 Indian Chieftain KWS-04-0557 (0521-1770)
DynaMat Sound Control Kit for 2014-2021 Indian Chieftain KWS-04-0449 (0521-1578)