Device Mounts for Honda

As low as $99.95
Klock Werks has designed easy to install, motorcycle model specific mounts that incorporate the iOmounts™ system! You simply install the mount to your bike with included hardware, attach the razor-thin iOadapt stainless steel adaptor to your device, and instantly connect to the powerful iOcore magnetic carrier. No special case needed! It's a simple, secure, universal system, and when you’re done riding, remove your device and connect seamlessly to other Klock Werks powered by iOmounts™ products, including device mounts for your quad, dirt bike, car, home, office and more! Enjoy infinite rotational adjustment, sleek modern design, and it's forward compatible. If you upgrade to a new phone or GPS, you don’t have to buy a new mounting system! Plus you can purchase additional iOadapt disks to use multiple devices on the same mount.
1997-2000 GL1500 2001-2020 GL1800 2015-2017 F6B Left Side mounts will not fit 2018-2019 Gold Wings with DCT

Part Name Part #
Device Mount, Honda, Left, Chrome KWD-06-0387 (0636-0096)
Device Mount, Honda, Right, Black KWD-06-0386 (0636-0095)
Device Mount, Honda, Right, Chrome KWD-06-0385 (0636-0094)
Device Mount, Honda, Left, Black KWD-06-0388 (0636-0097)