Tire Hugger Front Fenders for H-D 2018-2021 Fatboy

As low as $459.95
These Tire Hugger Series front fenders were designed to accent the thickness of the new Fatboy design. The Wrapper follows the rim and tire, featuring a blunt front and rear finish to accent the solid wheel and front end. The Slicer features a straight cut on the front and base to accent the frame and strut lines while hugging tire and wheel line. The Roller drops the sides to cover the tire and highlight the rim with rounded corners for a rolled look. Klock Werks Front Fenders are stamped from 14-gauge steel using precision, deep-draw stamping technology that ensures a consistently smooth and flawless finish, minimizing bodywork. 5-axis laser cutting technology ensures accurate fitment for direct bolt-on installation. Klock Werks then goes the extra mile to add e-coat (electro-static coating), a process to prevent rust and corrosion. Painters love Klock Werks Fenders and you will too! When you buy a fender from Klock Werks, you can count on quality and accurate bolt-on fitment. Klock Werks Front Fender Mounting Blocks are machined from billet aluminum and available in a satin finish. They are designed to provide perfect spacing for easy installation of your Tire Hugger Front Fender. Fit Kit includes: Satin Mounting Blocks and necessary hardware
2018-2020 FLFB Softail Fatboy 2018-2020 FLFBS Softail Fatboy Special

Part Name Part #
Tire Hugger Front Fenders for 2018-2021 Fatboy - Wrapper KWF-02-0510 (1401-0701)
Tire Hugger Front Fenders for 2018-2021 Fatboy - Slicer KWF-02-0511 (1401-0702)
Tire Hugger Front Fenders for 2018-2021 Fatboy - Roller KWF-02-0543 (1401-0703)